Spring Gang Hang


Who is hosting this event?

The hosts are Molly Lane, Lindy Harper, and Calcifer Somerset.

How many people will be there?

In addition to the three of us, there will be a minimum or 4 and a maximum of 7 other guests.

Can I come for part of the time?

Yes, but you must pay the full rate. We prefer, if you can only attend part of the time, that you come at the start and leave early. Once we're in the swing of things we won't be checking our phones. If you have to arrive late, make arrangements prior to the event. 

Is the room accessible?

The room will be a good size, the building will have an elevator, but there will not be a roll in shower.

Do you accept electronic payment?

Yes, for deposits only. We accept Cash App and Amazon gift card. After you've filled out the booking form, we'll be in touch to request the deposit.

Can I book with just one or two of you?

Yes. We all offer duos and solo dates. You can find our websites linked in the first question. Please DO NOT use the event email to inquire about duo or solo dates.

March  16, 2020



Join us for our second group event, Spring Gang Hang. Three indulgent cuties. Triple the fun and pleasure. Curvy to voluptuous, submissive to dominant, queer and adventurous  - something for everyone. Taste our rainbow.



Loosen up, get playful, and check some things off your bucket list.  We'll provide the ice breakers, snacks, amenities, and entertainment. You bring your amiable self. You definitely don't have to be the life of the party (that's our job), but please be a respectful group participant. 

Check out the FAQ, and book using the form below. Email us with any other questions at springganghang@protonmail.com. 

Reserve Your Spot
Preferred method of contact?
Have you seen Lindy, Molly, or Calcifer before?

If "yes," skip to the last section. If "no," please submit two of the following things.

Please submit your screening info and a brief message, and we'll be in contact!

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