Where are you located?

I'm located in N. Portland, near St. Johns, and on a frequent bus line. There is also available street parking.


How do I prepare for our date?

After screening and booking, please be on time and respectful. Communicate any delays promptly. Arrive recently showered, or prepared to shower here. Please do not arrive intoxicated. Place the consideration on a visible flat surface, like a bedside table or bookshelf.

What can I expect from our date?

A relaxing, non-judgmental atmosphere, an open place to explore, discretion and privacy, accurate photos, connection, and delightful sensations. 

Is your incall accessible?

Unfortunately, my incall is up several flights of stairs with no elevator. I am happy to visit you, or to arrange an accessible incall for a date of 3 hours or longer. I also have a cat at my incall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your measurements?

Bra size: 38DDD

Waist: 39"

Hips: 50"

Shoe size: 8

Dress size: 14-16


What kind of gifts do you like?

Gift cards: Sephora, REI, KitchenAid, Etsy 

Lingerie: Playful Promises (38DDD and XL/16 bottoms), Torrid (size 2)

Food and drink: Fruit, cheese, kombucha, mezcal

Tea: English Breakfast, black tea blends, mint tea blends (favorite vendors: Steven Smith Teamaker, Brew Dr. Tea Company)

Colors: Berry red, green, black, sienna, hot pink, jewel tones, gray

Shoes: Converse, Doc Marten, Sperry, Birkenstock

Do you accept electronic payment?

I accept deposits via Cash App or Amazon gift card, but other than that, no.

Do you allow photos or video recording during dates?

No. I appreciate the desire to keep a souvenir of our time together, but I prefer our meetings create electric memories, a sense of well-being, and no evidence. There are many local providers who do offer photos and video, and many sexy, talented content creators, and I encourage you to contact them out if this is a specific service you're seeking.

Do you accept reviews?

I do! I appreciate reviews and the function they serve in keeping the community safe. However, I do not appreciate explicit reviews, and ask that you focus instead on attitude, professionalism, accuracy of photos, and your overall impression and experience. Listing "menu items" will result in me declining to see you again. It also won't be useful information to others who may see me, since all meetings vary based on the individual dynamic we create.


Most deposits I require will be a small amount that is meant as a demonstration of your intention to follow through with our meeting. Any deposit can be subtracted from the total rate, and functions as a cancellation fee if you cancel. Deposits are required for outcall dates to cover the cost of transportation.

How do I pay a deposit?

You can pay deposits via Cash App (you can request my address via email or text), or by purchasing an Amazon gift card at a convenience store, and sending me a picture of the claim code on the back.

Question not answered?

Please feel free to ask non-explicit questions during the booking process. 


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I understand that a deposit may be required to book our date.

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