I'll arrive a little nerdy, a little punk rock, possibly on a bicycle, probably without a bra.  I'm game for most of the activities that Portland is known for - going to an open mic or a kink event, watching a cult classic at a local theater, biking to a taproom, visiting food carts, hiking - and will create a custom rate if at least half our time together involves one of these activities. 

I also love the session where we cuddle on my couch, watching a show or playing a video game until we start slipping hands between each others' thighs.  

I don't have a menu. There are a lot of activities I enjoy - swimming, karaoke, naked bike-riding - and a little internet sleuthing will tell you everything you need to know. I get pleasure in your pleasure, and am more willing to pursue adventurous activities the more comfortable I feel with you. These are the fastest ways to make me comfortable: 

~Be willing to screen before meeting. I have different types of screening for different comfort levels~

~Tell me the top two things you've found yourself thinking about this week, or what your favorite movie is. Anything you're interested in, so I can get a sense of who you are~

~Offer the consideration at the beginning of the appointment, in an envelope or book, or by placing it on a bedside or coffee table~




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