My rates are structured to encourage longer dates, but I'm also a fan of exciting, quick trysts. I have an hour minimum for new friends, and half hour minimum for returning ones.

All meetings longer than 5 hours can be calculated at a rate of 180/hr. Contact me for custom rates for overnights and travel dates.

I host in North Portland. I also enjoy traveling to you, and am a discreet and respectful guest. My rates for both are the same within the Portland metro area. Farther travel may require a travel fee or time minimum. 

Most travel-to-you appointments will require a small deposit, which can be subtracted from my rate. Appointments made more than a week in advance, or for a particularly late time, will also require a deposit. I will often arrange or rearrange my schedule to accommodate appointments and deposits function both as a show of good faith and as a small compensation if you cancel. Deposits can be paid anonymously.









*HHR appointments for returning friends only.

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